Bearing Witness


Well the travel insurance has been purchased, I’ve had so many vaccinations my arm feels like a pin cushion, I’ve moved and put everything I own into storage and now after several months of planning – plus taking care of numerous other tedious details – I am about to leave. The anticipation is almost palpable. All that is left to now is to pack, say my goodbyes and get on the plane. However there are a few of my favorite Sydney things I would like to do before I fly out. Including heading down the south coast for a surf, spending a day in Sydney’s many wonderful art galleries – the MCA, NSW and Brett Whitley’s studio. Plus spending time with family and friends, who I will miss immensely while I am away. Unfortunately I have run out of time for one last big night out, as a good big night out can – no should – last several days. However I can take solace in the memories of Moodyman @ Mad Racket and Ross Durberry @ the Jazzroom from earlier in the year.

I must confess over the last decade my impression of Sydney has been one of a fairly shallow and self obsessed society, over all, but through the process of organizing this trip, collecting the donated second hand laptops and setting up this blog – which as a Luddite was impossible without help. I met and was supported by many Sydney siders’ who far from fit that mould. I would like to thank them all for their altruistic nature and support. My Mum, Dad, Cathy and Brendan who’s patience and support is never ending – and trust me I have tested it. Christie my “new media manager”, for her constant technical support and most importantly her friendship. Speaking of friendship Ed’s and Ruth for their constant encouragement of all my left of centre ideas, even though they must have realized long ago that not many of these ideas gets past the planning stage. Darren for some of the best nights of my life. Damo for sharing his writing skills and knowledge. Steven for donating his time and expertise to reformat and recondition the second hand laptops. Plus Matt, Andy, Tamara, Soraya, Tina and Brett who all donated laptops. THANKYOU ALL KINDLY !


Well for all of you out there who would like to support Project Hope, but missed out on the opportunity to help with the laptop drive – fear not – there is still a way can get involved. Please consider becoming a supporter of Project Hope with an annual donation of $80. The money will help Project Hope continue to empower and educate Palestinian refugees, because with hope anything is possible – help make hope a reality. To donate go to


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