Bearing Witness

Palestinian Hip Hop

I have just returned from a hip hop gig in Nablus, put on by Sabreen Organisation– who specialise in artistic development. There were three performers from England, Denmark and Germany, all of Palestinian heritage. Plus some locals who participated in sabreen’s workshops at Old Askar refugee camp. Even though there was only about 40-50 people there, the atmosphere was great with everyone dancing and cheering the whole night. It was cool to see a scene in its infancy. I also spoke to the organizer who is keen for me to run music production workshops at Old Askar for the local mc’s. Which would be incredible as I thought I would not be able to work in the refugee camp’s as computer access is non-existent.
I also have my first music class on Saturday with the “Bridge to world” program and on Sunday I am running another music class for the local staff and volunteers of Project Hope, in the hope that when I leave they can take over the music program. My English class at the Youth Progressive Union is also coming along quite well, mainly due to my amazing translator Anas. I have been preparing classes in grammar and vocabulary, the areas the students requested. However most of the time in class I feel very much like Anas’s assistant, as he’s understanding of English is far greater than mine – even though it is he’s second language.
Tomorrow I have an easy day and I am going to treat myself to a Turkish bath and a massage, looking forward to it. As showers over here consist of boiled water and a bucket due to the water restrictions. I am also planning a trip to Jerusalem next week, leaving Thursday and returning on Friday, as my schedule is filling up fast and I need to make the most of my free time while I still have some.
The t-shirt says it all

The t-shirt says it all


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