Bearing Witness

The bugs eye view

Travelling this last month has helped give me a new perspective on my life. Especially as most of my time has been spent in the occupied West bank, where daily life is a real struggle for the residents. Weather it’s not being able to see loved one’s, because you can’t obtain the relevant permit. Weather it’s lack of available employment. Weather it’s lack of available water. Weather it’s the fact that your children are traumatised by the fact they live in a nearly constant state of fear, due the regular military incursions, the list goes on. Yet these people still manager, on the most part, to have positive and generous out look on life.

This is something I had lost in Sydney, just facing the daily grind of life – especially with my work in the welfare industry, where I see some pretty hart breaking shit. This change of perspective reminds me of an old Persian story that I heard several years ago, as a sample in a Cold Cut mix CD [Cold Krush Cuts on the Ninja Tunes label]. It was about a bug who lived in the worlds most beautiful Persian rug. However the bug could not see the beauty, all the bug could see was all the tuffs of wool that he had to climb over in order to find the crumbs he needed to eat, in order to survive – this is the bugs eye view. Which the story then goes on to compare to the birds eye view, which allows you to see the whole view, not to just what’s in front of you. The story finishes by stating that if the bug could have gotten up above the rug, the birds eye view, he would have be able to see all of the rug. Realising the beauty of his surroundings.

I feel this trip has helped go from the bugs eye view to the birds eye view, and for that I will be eternally grateful to the wonderful people of Palestine and Project Hope.


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