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Hebron update

The evacuation of 250 right-wing settlers from a Palestinian house in Hebron touched off violent settler attacks across the West Bank.

Witnesses said that there are Palestinian families “who are besieged in their homes” that were set on fire by Israeli settlers, while the Israeli army prevented Palestinian medics from reaching the homes. Ten Palestinians were reported injured as a result of the army’s inaction.

B’Tselem claimed that the Israeli army knew “in advance” that settlers would attack Palestinians in reaction to the eviction.

While Hebron Governor Husein Al-A’raj held the Israeli army responsible for the consequences of the events in Hebron, demanding they stop the settlers’ attacks and affirming that “the protection of residents who are in an Israeli controlled area is the responsibility of the army, according to the Geneva Conventions.”

* Article taken from Maan News Agency @

Let’s start with the positive, the Al-Rajabi home is back in the hands of it’s rightful owners – the Al-Rajabi family. Even if it did take over a year, would it have taken that long to remove Palestinians from a settlers home ?

Now the Al-Rajabi house was just the effect not the cause of  a much deeper issue, the real issue in Hebron and through out the West bank is that the Israeli Occupation Force [IOF], who are responsible for protecting civilians in the occupied territories, rarely for fill these obligations. More often than not they are protecting the perpetrators of this violence, settlers, not the victims – in other words the IOF is facilitating the violence against the villager’s they are charged with protecting. If IOF had of protected the Al-Rajabi family in the first place, there would be no issue. This has been the case again over night as settlers attacked villagers across the West Bank, even shooting two unarmed Palestinian men in Hebron and shutting down the road to Huwara checkpoint just outside Nablus, with no intervention from IOF. Why does the world let Israel fragrantly disregard international law with no consequences ?

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