Bearing Witness

Why ?

As rewarding as this experience has been, it can be quite depressing here – as what I am witnessing is systematic and methodical ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people.


Whether it’s checkpoints and road detours; encouraging settler violence and expansion; strangling the economy; separating families through assignations, imprisonment or the permit system; forcing them to live in refugee camps for generations or merely the trauma that comes with living in a constant state of fear. It all amounts to a and meticulous plan to ethnically cleanse the West Bank of the Palestinian people, through forced transfer – basically make life so difficult, they leave.


How can the world celebrate the 60 the anniversary of the declaration of human rights while this is occurring ? And not just in Palestine – Darfur, Burma, Chechnya – and unfortunately the list goes on. When will the world realise that the protection of human rights are more important than strategic alliances and profits ? 



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