Bearing Witness

Thank You Project Hope.

I have notice lately that some of my posts, well lets be honest most of my post, have been quite negative and as depressing as the occupation is to witness. I must say my time in Nablus has been one of the most fulfilling experience of my life. I came to teach, but came away learning and not just about the situation here but how to look at and enjoy life. To make the most of what you have and not to focus on what you don’t. The Palestinian people amaze me more everyday with their generosity and positive nature – I will surely miss Nablus when I leave in several days.
However more than the place I will miss the people who have made my time here special. Starting with, and in no particular order; Hakim – who from day one welcomed me in to his home and gave me my first taste of Palestinian hospitality; Anas; my English translator who pulled me out of the deep end so to speak with my English classes and who also helped with the workshops in Askar, I will be forever in your debt; Hassan – who’s patients with my Australian accent while teaching me Arabic was never ending and what little Arabic I now have his all down to him; Tharwa – who made me fell like part of the Project Hope family from day one; Akiel – Always ready with a “hand shake” and a smile; Fino – who showed me Palestinians know how to party and who I hope makes it to Australia one day so I can repay the favour; Maroof – who greeted all my request with a smile; Tawfiq – who’s Nescafe and support got me through my four hours of Bridge to the World classes on Saturdays.
Now to the International volunteers; Simon – for his quick wit; Truda – for her positive nature and support; Javier – for his revolutionary ideals; Mike – for also helping fish me out of the deep end, re English, not to mention his crude jokes; Kevin – for his dry sense of humour and baking abilities; Malika – for her commitment to the course.
And last but definitely not least to all my students English, Bridge to the World and Askar you where all tullab mumtarse – excellent students – and made my time in Nablus a truly rewarding experience.
I consider all of you friends and will miss you all, THANK YOU :]
And to everyone involved with Project Hope keep up the good fight, your work is giving young Palestinians hope and as I now know with hope anything is possible !

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