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Settlers attack Palestinian house in Hebron – Again !

Israeli settlers attacked a Palestinian house in the West Bank city of Hebron on Sunday evening, the latest in a series of attacks in the city.

Nedal Fareed Al-Awawi, a resident of Hebron’s settler-occupied Old City issued an appeal to international human rights organizations to protect him and his family.

He told Ma’an, “My home that is adjacent to the illegal Israeli outpost of Avraham Avinu, and is repeatedly attacked by the Israeli settlers. I fear for my children’s lives because of these vindictive attacks against me after the evacuation from the Ar- Rajabi building.”

Settlers rampaged through Hebron on 4 December when Israeli police and soldiers evicted 250 hard-line settlers from a house belonging to the Ar-Rajabi family. Al-Awawi home was one of the buildings set on fire by the enraged settlers.

Al-Awawi says Israeli police were present at the time of Sunday’s attack, but made no arrests.

“’I saw that settler attack on you, you should file a complaint. Be careful of settlers tonight,’” Al-Awawi says the police told him.

Al-Awawi’s home still smells of smoke from the riots over two weeks ago. During the rampage, one room of the house was completely burned, and the house’s electricity and water connections destroyed. He says settlers assaulted him when he was installing a new water tank on the roof of his home, and destroyed the new tank as well.

Al-Awawi says he has received assistance from the Hebron Municipality and the Hebron Rehabilitation Committee, an organization dedicated to preserving the city’s cultural heritage.

The director of the Rehabilitation Committee, Imad Hamadan said “We hold the Israeli authorities fully responsible for the life of the Palestinian families who are living near the Israeli outposts in the heart of Hebron.”

He called on Israel to comply with the Forth Geneva Convention, which requires the protection of civilians under occupation.

* This article was taken from Maan News Angency @

The Al-Awawi home is one of the homes I visited on my trip to Hebron, last  Friday, that had been fire bombed.  It’s the one next to Israel Occupation Force [IOF] watch tower that I posted photos of  – but seemingly again the IOF where unable to stop the attack. It’s quite obvious who they are there to protect, not the legal Palestinian residents of Hebron – but the illegal settlers.

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