Bearing Witness


Well I have left Nablus and have just finished two weeks traveling through the Sinai. I spent the first few days laying on the beach at Ras-A-Satan recovering from my mild “occupation” caused depression. However this was rudely interrupted by the Israeli invasion of the Gaza Strip – to quote a friend “how do they get away with this shit” ! After Ras-A-Satan I headed for Dahab, where I did several day trips into the desert, including  climbing Mt Sinai  and doing a tour of Colored and White Canyons. I also snorkeled at the Blue Hole and went quad biking. The highlight was watching the sunset from the top of Mt Sinai [see below], but a close second was the hot showers that I took twice a day – much nicer than the cup and bucket routine in Nablus. It’s the little things in Life :]



Colored Canyon

Colored Canyon

Sunset on top of Mt Sinai

Sunset on top of Mt Sinai

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  1. I used to live in Ramallah -and I also loved going to the Sinai. Lovely place. Hope to go back some day soon..

    Comment by tomkenis | November 14, 2011

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