Bearing Witness

In Position

Well 30 hours, 4 planes, a bus and a car ride latter I have arrived and Gaza awaits : ]

I have had a tour of Tahir and it looks like the money has been well spent. I feel like big Kev “I’m ECITED !

I am posing as a tourist and have keep up appearances pretty well swimming, eating, drinking and making new friends, although I am looking forward to the rest of the crew arriving today and tomorrow – as keeping our mission to myself is killing me. This is the biggest thing I have ever taken on and while it’s an honour and a privilege to be here, it has been an emotional roller coaster and I am looking forward to hanging out with others who are on the same ride.

The contrast between where I am and where I am going is worlds apart. Where I am has electricity 24 hours a day, clean running water, working sewerage system, plentiful food supplies and an idyllic coast line. Where I am going has power cuts most days, polluted water supplies, no working sewerage system, 80% of the population reliant ion the UN for basic human needs like food and where a day at the beach can end in tragedy.  

This is my commitment to the people of Gaza, I and the rest of the international solidarity movement will not rest until normal life has been restored to Gaza and the differences between where I am and where I am going are only cultural – not life threatening !

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