Bearing Witness


Well as sit here in my hotel room suffering through a cold, which has finally caught up with me : / I think the adrenalin has keep it at bay for the last couple of weeks and with our latest delay it has given it the opening it needed. I wanted to let you know about all the hurdles that Israel is trying to put in our way and on a certain level I take as a compliment.

Apart from the diplomatic efforts to deter us, through the UN and pressure on our respective embassies, there has been a series of events that would be more at home in a spy novel than my life – the machinations behind attempts to stop this flotilla sailing have been incredible to watch from up close.

Firstly at least two of the boats in the flotilla have had complaints made against their sea worthiness, the US boat “The Audacity of Hope” and our boat the “Tharir”. The Israeli Law Centre has made these complaints as not a way to stop us, as both boats had already passed the relevant inspections, but most likely a way to slow us down and prevent us all from sailing together – making their job of intercepting and boarding us easier.

In addition to this the Swedish, Norwegian and Greek boat has had its propeller drive shaft cut, in another attempt to minimise the number of boats in the flotilla. Hopefully this will only take two days to fix but with the strikes and chaos in Greece at the moment maybe longer. We have put extra precautions in place to stop the same faith be falling the “Tharir”.

Then at this morning briefing we were informed that a number of flotilla participants in Athens had been mugged and their phones stolen – only, in an effort to infiltrate our communications. Not to mention all the pressure that the US/Israel is putting on any country where we will be sailing from to not let us sail – through their own diplomats and other international institution that they control.

All this as mentioned earlier is on one level a compliment to the international solidarity movement, we are now setting the agenda, with the Nakba protests demanding the right of return for the Palestinian refugees, with the global effort to impose a strategy of Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions on Israel until it abides by international law and of course the flotilla which aims to challenge the illegal blockade of Gaza and the collective punishment it enforces.

It is truly an inspiring time to be alive and involved in the international solidarity movement : ]

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