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PA bid for Palestinian statehood

Well I know it’s been a while – I’ve been catching up on six weeks worth of work, flotilla review and evaluation, illness and if I’m being honest a little max’n and relax’n. However the PA bid for Palestinian statehood at the UN has got me back on my soap box. I find myself in opposition to several people who I respect greatly on this issue and have had to question my stance – however my position is unchanged I think it is the wrong move by the wrong people at the wrong time.

MOVE: One of the major problems with most people’s understanding of the “Palestinian/Israeli conflict” is this very term – there is no conflict, as a conflict denotes two equal sides. In what I refer to not as the “Palestinian/Israeli conflict“, but more correctly as the oppression and of Palestinians by Israelis and if successful this statehood bid will  only reaffirm this myth of two equal sides, while changing nothing on the ground.

So why then if your already in weakened negotiating position, such as the Palestinians, would you divide the issues up for negotiation into separate parts ? Further weakening your overall position – as it stands to reason that if you’re the weaker party you generally end up making the most concessions, i.e. accepting 22% of your historic homeland as your state. 

Why then negotiate more than necessary ?

PEOPLE: Most commentators agree that there will be no real change on the ground from this bid for statehood, however there will be real change at the UN, where the Palestinian Authority [PA] will most likely get the  observer status which the Palestinian Liberation Organisation [PLO] already basically has,. i.e. the only real change will be that the Palestinian refugees and those Palestinians living in Israel will lose their representation at the UN. As the PLO represented all Palestinians and PA represents only those living in the West Bank, roughly 25% – and the PA  has shown through the Oslo process their willingness to negotiate away the rights of their fellow Palestinians.

In addition to this the PA has no electoral mandate, that expired more than two years ago – no credibility, that expired long before their electoral mandate. And they have become the Palestinian face of the occupation – even working with the Israeli Occupation Force [IOF] to quell protests inspired by their UN bid.

In my opinion this is the PA’s last ditch attempt to salvage a failed 20 year “peace process” because their credibility is so wrapped up in it – even though this so-called “peace process” has seen all the major indicators of life in the occupied territories decline and no gains made on the right of return or the discrimination of Palestinians living in Israel.

TIME:  This bid should be made by a united Palestinian Government Hamas, Fatah, the PFLP, etc … all voting on it in the Palestinian Parliament after being elected by the people and in an ideal world, well I have already asked for unity and fresh elections, with an electoral mandate for the bid.

And finally and more importantly it‘s not just the wrong move with the wrong people at the wrong time, it also threatens  to wall Palestinian aspirations into a political cul-da-sac  without addressing the right of return or the discrimination of Palestinians living in Israel.

This is why I am not supporting the PA’s bid for statehood at the UN


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  1. I am a very big supporter of establishing a Palestinian state. Abo Mazin’s speach overwhelmed & inspired me, but your opinion really makes sense. The PA is making a move to gain the Palestinian people’s support prior to the general elections scheduled soon. So it’s no more than a bluff.

    Comment by Mohamed Abo Bakr | September 27, 2011

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