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Well I have arrived in the Gaza Strip and the Palestinian people are still as inspirational as I remember : ] Though as I also remember from my last visit there are far to many sad stories : [ Two nights after my arrival a family of six in the Nusiefat Refugee Camp burned to death in their home, when a candle they where forced to use for light, due to the power cuts of  12 hours a day on average, started a fire that trapped the whole family. These death are a direct result of the blockade that I am here to challenge !

In my first week I have had the honour of meeting and spending time with the amazing Dr Mona El Farra, author of the blog “From Gaza with Love”, she is also the co-founder of the Union of Health Workers Committee and numerous women’s, children’s and youth centers serving the needs of the many marginalized refugees in Gaza. I have visited two of these centers already and witnessed the incredible work that they undertake, Afaq Jadeeda – aka New Horizons – Women’s and children’s center and Al Assifa  Cultural Center. Photos from the visits are here > and here

I have also had my priorities set by the Gaza’s Ark Steering Committee, which are meeting and getting feedback from our Gaza based Advisory Committee, while also sourcing products that will be sailed out of Gaza on the Ark – as our focus on this project is trade not aid – in addition I will be trying to get more civil society endorsement of our project. In addition to these priorities I will also be making a short video to be presented at a fundraiser in Sydney on Wednesday the 6th of March, followed by a Skype call > power, internet and Israeli Occupation Force permitting. Here is the link to FB event page Please show your support and together we can attempt to bring this brutal blockade to an end !

Meeting the inspirational Dr Mona El Farra to hand over some medicine donated by Gaza's Ark to the Red Crescent Society in Gaza.

Meeting the inspirational Dr Mona El Farra to hand over some medicine donated by Gaza’s Ark to the Red Crescent Society in Gaza.

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