Bearing Witness

More Tel Aviv street art

While in Tel Aviv for a night out I stumbled past a house covered in art, check out some of the photos below or check the website @ The street art, again, was the highlight of my time in Tel Aviv – it’s just such a surreal place. It’s only 45 minutes from Nablus as the crow fly’s, but feels like a world away.





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Tel Aviv Street Art & Jaffa

While the Tel Aviv Art Museum was great, and it was. I must say that the best art I have come across in Tel Aviv I have found on the street. Here is a sample of what I have found wandering around.

 I also got the chance to visit Jaffa, as I was able to register my travels with the Embassy on-line. Jaffa is an old commercial port which is literally as old as Noah or at least his son Japheth who founded the town nearly 4000 years ago. It has been restored and preserved as an outdoor museum, it also gives you great views of Tel Aviv from HaPisgah Gardens. Here are some photo’s of Jaffa and it’s views of Tel Aviv.


Then I finished my time in Tel Aviv by watching the sun set over the Mediterranean.

P.S. Had a great night last night drinking with some one I meet on the plane, however on last night’s example the night life of Tel Aviv is not all it’s cracked up to be, however it was a Monday night and with Moodyman playing here on the 14th November, I’m up for giving it another chance.

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